Erin Cosgrove

What Manner of Person Art Thou?


Animated video

65 minutes

What Manner of Person Art Thou? 2004-2008

Elijah Yoder and Enoch Troyer are the only survivors of a deadly epidemic that struck two small, adjacent colonies somewhere in the Northwestern United States.

Because the completely isolated colonies’ manner of living hadn’t changed much since the 17th century, Yoder and Troyer fail to adapt to the confounding ways of the early 21st century. It is from their archaically religious viewpoint that we encounter contemporary life, its foibles and vices.

Despite being warped from their trauma and the lingering psychotropic effects of ergot poisoning, the two set off on a journey to find their “backsliding” kin, all the while dispensing violent justice on those they perceive to be evil-doers. Within this black comedy structure, Yoder and Troyer are allegorical figures that represent the corruptibility of faith.

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What Manner of Person Art Thou?

What Manner of Person Art Thou?

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