Leslie Thornton

Still from "Peggy and Fred in Hell"



Leslie Thornton is one of the most powerful and original voices working in film and media today. She is known in particular for her science fiction serial PEGGY AND FRED IN HELL (1985-2010), described by critic Bill Horrigan as a “benchmark work of the decade.” The series was awarded “Best of” by both Cahiers du Cinema and the Village Voice. She has received two Rockefeller Fellowships in recognition of her work, as well as numerous other grants and awards, including, the Maya Deren Award for Lifetime Achievement, the first Alpert Award in the Arts for Media, a nomination for a Hugo Boss Award, and NEA and NYSCA grants. Her work is included in the permanent collections of MoMA, the Pompidou Center, and others, and is shown at festivals, museums and galleries world-wide. As a teacher at Brown University she has been instrumental in building one of the most important new media production programs in the United States, and has influenced a whole generation of younger media artists.

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Still from "Peggy and Fred in Hell"

Still from "Peggy and Fred in Hell"

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