plus ultra is very pleased to present the exquisite day project, an exhibit of 7 continuous pieces by 92 artists. curated by new york artists jordin isip and rodger stevens, the exquisite day project brings together painters, sculptors, illustrators, designers, and photographers from across the u.s. and europe.

based on the surrealist drawing game, the exquisite corpse, in which several artists contribute a portion of a drawing to create a finished piece without seeing the other portions, the exquisite day project (which took nearly a year to complete) has culminated in 7 separate collective works. the project was executed almost entirely through the mail, with instructions, materials, and the artworks themselves traveling between the artists and the curators. tiled together, the various fragments cohere into 7 composite visions of the project’s theme: the exquisite day.

lindsey adelman
keira alexandra
amanda alic
jose arenas
dan aycock
damien barchowsky
melinda beck
mike bellamy
gregory benton
annette berry
erika borboa
tim bower
claudia brandenburg
calef brown
thomas campbell
ken chen
saiman chow
noël claro
christian clayton
rob clayton
holly cluse
paul corio
michael coughlan
erin courtney
ethan crenson
edward del rosario
michele delguerico
paul donald
carl dunn
ingo fast
patrick jb flynn
bella ciel foster
david fremont
james gallagher
madelon galland
jason glasser
johanna goodman
karen hsu
jordin isip
rich jacobs
craig kane
misaki kawai
colin kerr
hiroshi kimura
antonia kohl
jeroen koolhaas
stephen kroninger
jim leveillee
jodi levine
sophie mathoulin
margaret mccartney
hannah mccaughey
adam mccauley
barry mcgee
melissa mcgill
richard mcguire
taylor mckimens
bjarne melgaard
jeff meyer
e.t. micha
tezh modarressi
james austin murray
sylvie myerson
gregory nemec
ron nemec
dan o’donnell
helen quinn
jeff quinn
marty resetar
les rogers
jonathon rosen
carlos salgado
kim schifino
anu schwartz
kate sheperd
simone shubuck
paul slifer
joe sorren
rodger stevens
georgie stout
katherine streeter
mark todd
samara umschweiss
william van rhoden
leslie wagner
chip wass
esther watson
david weeks
eric white
mike wodkowski
james yang
bill zindel

for more information call joshua stern or ed winkleman at (718) 387-3844 or (917) 972-5881 or email us at

the exquisite day project
curated by jordin isip and rodger stevens
92 artists 7 continuous pieces

november 16 to december 9, 2001
opening: friday november 16, 2001, 7 – 10 pm

<i>The Exquisite Day Project</i>

Curated by Jordin Isip and Rodger Stevens
November 16 - December 9, 2001
Opens November 16, 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Group Exhibition

Winkleman Gallery, Group Exhibition, 2001

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