plus ultra is very pleased to present “to restore silence is the role of objects,” a two-person show of recent work by london artists alexa de ferranti and sara mackillop. in their work, both artists highlight the inherent qualities of mostly unaltered, common found objects, setting up an intimate dialog between the viewer and the objects.

in her installation “walking possession,” de ferranti invites viewers to enter an elevated floor made of stretched lycra. on this floor are scattered dozens of personal objects, as if someone had emptied the contents of their bag. as the viewer moves through the installation the objects gather at their feet and follow them wherever they go. the more the viewer attempts to free him/herself from the objects the more they get underfoot. in this environment of animated objects, the potential exasperation caused by their persistent dumb presence is balanced by the comfort one might find in their always being near.

mackillop’s sculptures, installed on walls or placed on plinths, are very slightly manipulated or juxtaposed mass-produced found objects. elevated to the stature of museum pieces, mackillop places her reconsidered ready-mades to focus the viewer’s attention on their formal qualities, as well as to make them more sensitive to their relevance and presence. although the original state of each object remains clear, their manipulations subtly reference art history, revealing the inherent poetry and humor of the things our culture creates.

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alexa de ferranti / sara mackillop
to restore silence is the role of objects
march 29 to april 21, 2002
opening: friday, march 29, 2002 7 to 9 pm

Alexa de Ferranti / Sara MacKillop

To Restore Silence Is the Role of Objects
March 29 - April 21, 2002
Opens March 29, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Two-person exhibition

Winkleman Gallery, Two-person exhibition, 2002

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