Brooklyn á Paris
leslie brack, stacy greene, philip riley
june 6 to june 29, 2002
vernissage: june 6, 2002 5:30 to 8:30 pm

galerie éric dupont
13, rue chapon
75003 paris
33 (0) 1 44 54 04 14

plus ultra, in collaboration with the paris brooklyn exchange, is very pleased to announce an exhibit at galerie éric dupont featuring the work of new york artists leslie brack, stacy greene, and philip riley.

the collage-based, colorful paintings by leslie brack combine high and low american culture. each work superimposes a pop or advertising icon over a reproduction of a fine art painting, sometimes featuring ransom-note letterings of the most direct appeal to the lowest common denominator (such as “time to shop” or “free beer”). meticulously crafted, brack’s work broaches the subversive in its party-girl approach to art and politics.

in stacy greene’s video rorschach striptease, amateur strippers dance and disrobe to an original buoyant soundtrack. each dancer is shown in silhouette, flattening the body into an elusive black shape in a throbbing color field. the screen is split in half and reversed on one side, so that each individual becomes two, a mirrored duo of themselves, that sometimes collides and swallows parts of itself. the body undressing is a rorschach into which we assert our own particular fantasies.

philip riley’s wall drawings combine science, art history, and site-specific history to reveal surprising synchronicities of live, science and art. for this exhibit, riley is executing a drawing from a new series. each drawing is chosen specifically for the location and has some historical relationship with its site and/or event.

for more information, please contact joshua stern or ed winkleman at 718-387-3844 or visit us online at

brooklyn á paris
leslie brack, stacy greene, philip riley
june 6 to june 29, 2002
vernissage: june 6, 2002 5:30 to 8:30 pm

galerie éric dupont
13, rue chapon
75003 paris
33 (0) 1 44 54 04 14

paris/brooklyn exchange

parisians invade brooklyn, april 26 & 27

ten exhibitions of french contemporary art until june, 2002

the first events of this project to exchange exhibitions of contemporary art between paris and brooklyn will happen in brooklyn on april 26. eight galleries in williamsburg will have opening receptions that evening for shows they are hosting from eight galleries in paris. the following evening, april 27, a group exhibition of french artists entitled “rendez-vous”, curated by claire le restif will be opening at smack mellon in dumbo.

a specially commissioned installation by french artist, hugues reip will also be visible at the brooklyn museum of art from april 29.

at the beginning of june, the return event will take place as brooklyn artists and galleries take paris by storm on june 6 and 7, with exhibitions in eight galleries and a group show curated by kathleen gilrain at espace paul ricard.

the exhibitions taking place in brooklyn will mostly be visible until the end of may and propose a diverse cross-section of the dynamism of contemporary practice in france today. some of the exhibiting artists are highly regarded and well-known in france but have had little visibility in new york, while others have been chosen from the freshest crop of emerging young talent on the parisian scene.

schroeder romero will present work by seven photographers from galerie anne barrault. the diversity of this exhibition gives an interesting overview of new photography from paris, with works by caroline bach, philippe calandre, anne deguelle, manuela marques, eric nehr, magdi senadji and christophe mauberret.

roebling hall presents a solo show by the painter, dominique gauthier, represented in paris by galerie filles du calvaire. well-known in europe since his early successes with solo shows at the pompidou center and fondation cartier, gauthier represents the energy and freshness of french abstraction today.

pierogi exhibits intriguing work by christophe cuzin, from galerie bernard jordan, an artist extending the limits of geometric, minimal painting into the architecture of gallery spaces. saturated color and structured lines manipulate the gallery until it becomes fused with the artwork itself.

at parker’s box, two exciting young artists from galerie michel rein, will collaborate in an exhibition mixing drawing, objects and installation. saâdane afif’s exploration of language in relation to objects, will infiltrate fabien verschaere’s wall drawings, themselves juxtaposing different registers of imagery.

momenta collaborates with four walls, and together they present a video work by nicolas moulin from galerie chez valentin in paris. this work, already acclaimed in previous showings in berlin and paris, shows the streets of the french capital with its inhabitants digitally erased.

at southfirst, isabelle lévénez from galerie anton weller, presents multi-disciplinary work including video, photography, drawing and wall writings. this obsessive work, which has already generated a following in paris, deals with the ambiguous frontier between childhood and womanhood.

plus ultra shows three artists from galerie eric dupont, ranging from emerging to established, who take on the gallery’s compact space in contrasting, coherent and refreshing ways. all three tend to conquer space through installation techniques, didier mencoboni with negative space and color, corinne sentou with repeated volumes, lines, and shapes and damien cabanes, with repetitive, small sculptures of familiar but transformed objects.

star 67 presents work by five artists from espace huit novembre. renaud auguste-dormeuil, olga boldyreff, françoise maisongrande, roland schär and yann toma form a diverse and interesting group of artists dealing variously with fiction, illusion, games and interaction through video, performance, drawing, painting, installation and photography.

the group exhibition at smack mellon in dumbo (opening april 27) has been curated independently of the gallery exchange, by the young french curator, claire le restif and includes photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and video by younger french artists who have all had recognition in europe. le restif invited stéphane calais, delphine coindet, véronique joumard, françois paire, paul pouvreau, hugues reip and david renaud to produce new in-situ works in direct response to the space and its particular architecture. in addition a video program will also be shown, of work exploring the urban and human context of the city by laurent grasso, timothy mason, françois nouguiès, florence paradeis, cécile paris and brigitte zieger.

at the brooklyn museum of art (on show from april 29), hugues reip whose work also appears at smack mellon will be presenting another site-specific installation. reip was recently artist in residence at art in general.

this project has been made possible with generous support from afaa (association française d’action artistique), the city of paris, the cultural services of the french embassy in new york, the florence j. gould foundation, act association, adiaf, pernod ricard usa and france, atelier 4, iat, the brooklyn brewery, zingmagazine and galapagos art space.

galerie anne barrault 22 rue saint-claude 75003 paris 33 (0) 1 44 78 91 67 mardi-vendredi 14h – 19h samedi 11h -13h & 14h – 19h.

schroeder-romero 173a north 3rd street brooklyn ny11211 (1) 718 486 8992 friday-sunday 12–6pm and by appointment.

galerie eric dupont 13, rue chapon 75003 paris 33 (0) 1 44 54 04 14 mardi-samedi 14h – 19h et sur rdv

plus ultra 235 south 1st street brooklyn ny 11211 (1) 718 387 3844 saturday-monday 12–6pm and by appointment.

galerie les filles du calvaire 17, rue des filles du calvaire 75003 paris 33 (0) 1 42 74 47 05 mardi-samedi 11h – 18h30.

roebling hall 390 wythe avenue brooklyn ny 11211 (1) 718 599 5352 friday-monday 12–6pm.

galerie bernard jordan 5, rue chapon 75003 paris 33 (0) 1 42 77 19 61 mardi-samedi 14h30 – 19h et sur rdv.

pierogi 177 north 9th street brooklyn ny 11211 (1) 718 599 2144 friday-monday 12–6pm.

galerie michel rein 42 rue de turenne 75003 paris 33 (0) 1 42 72 68 13 mardi-samedi 11h – 19h.

parker’s box 193 grand street brooklyn ny 11211 (1) 718 388 2882 friday-monday 12–7pm.

galerie chez valentin 9 rue saint-gilles 75003 paris 33 (0) 1 48 87 42 55 mardi-samedi 14h30 – 19h.

momenta @ four walls 138 bayard street brooklyn ny 11211 (1) 718 218 8058 / (1) 718 388 3169 saturday & sunday 12–6pm.

espace huit novembre 52, boulevard voltaire 75011 paris 33 (0) 1 47 00 32 31 mardi-samedi 14h – 19h.

star 67 67 metropolitan avenue 3rd floor brooklyn ny 11211 (1) 718 486 0387 saturday & sunday 1–6pm.

galerie anton weller 57, rue de bretagne 75003 paris 33 (0) 1 42 72 05 62 mardi-samedi 14h – 19h.

southfirst:art 55 nassau avenue brooklyn ny 11222 (1) 718 599 2500 friday-sunday 12–7pm.

espace paul ricard 9, rue royale 75008 paris 33 (0) 1 53 30 88 00 mardi-samedi 14h – 19h.

smack mellon 56 water street, brooklyn ny 11201 (1) 718 834 8761 / (1) 718 422 0989 wednesday-sunday 12–6pm.

brooklyn museum of art 200 eastern parkway brooklyn ny 11238 (1) 718 638 5931 wednesday-friday 10am-5pm saturday & sunday 11am–6pm.

Paris in Brooklyn

damien cabanes, didier mencoboni, and corinne sentou
april 26 to june 9, 2002
opening reception: friday, april 26, 7-9 pm
in collaboration with galerie éric dupont and the paris brooklyn exchange, plus ultra is pleased to present the work of three french artists: damien cabanes, didier mencoboni, and corinne sentou.

damien cabanes, an artist that works both two- and three-dimensionally, exhibits a series of small plaster sculptures working independently to form a sculptural installation. like his paintings, cabanes’ sculptures are both effervescent and commanding as he uses color and gesture to achieve forms that are, while familiar, organically transcendent objects.

didier mencoboni’s large gouaches on paper works are built through a variety of colorful lines into series of forms and shapes. an exquisite colorist, mencoboni’s use of the negative space work together to create an extensive vocabulary of form that exists substantially on the paper, while floating in an otherworldly, plastic environment.

corinne sentou is an artist that has a rare combination of both the obsessive and the playful. while often using marbles, or simple repeated series of circles or squares, sentou uses this repetition of line to expand space and increase volume. she fills her space with a symphony of simple duplication.

please see details below on the other galleries participating in the paris brooklyn exchange:
paris in brooklyn
damien cabanes, didier mencoboni, and corinne sentou
april 26 to june 9, 2002
opening reception: friday, april 26, 7-9 pm

Brooklyn á Paris : Paris in Brooklyn

Exchange with Galerie Éric Dupont
April 26 - June 9, 2002
Opens April 26, 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Brooklyn á Paris (exchange exhibition

Winkleman Gallery, Brooklyn á Paris (exchange exhibition, 2002

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