plus ultra is very pleased to present “tract: systemic sprawl,” a group exhibit of recent work by five new york artists. curated by amanda church and courtney j. martin, “tract” features an installation by louis cameron and paintings by guillermo creus, erick johnson, tricia keightley, and rachel urkowitz.

among the multiple meanings of “tract” are its definition as a physical expanse of space or area of land and its reference to systems, such as body parts or organs. it is through these related concepts and their implications that a context is provided for the visual interplay of the work in this show. there is both a physical and psychological structure inherent in the notion of tract, and it is the intersection of the two-the mapping of perception along dual lines-that the five artists in this show deal with.

formal systems and structure prevail in the work of louis cameron. his installation of mirrors on the floor manipulates form and light to create a reflected arc on the wall. along these lines, rachel urkowitz mimics another system of representation by replicating and ordering organic structure; she deliberately obscures objective visibility and replaces it with impressions/depictions of light and shadow. tricia keightley’s abstract amalgams of form and color cite myriad sources. her choice of muted, artificial colors and paradoxical juxtapositions undermine obvious associations to create enigmatic and eclectic compositions. merging references to landscape, architecture, and the body, the paintings of erick johnson balance tension and spontaneity, resulting in complex, overlapping configurations on delicately calibrated fields of color. guillermo creus’ iconic, amorphous forms function as psychedicized lumps of flesh on flat white fields. their visceral fluidity is at once beautiful and menacing. by integrating their idiosyncratic systems of signage into the language of their work, the five artists in “tract” convey multiple meanings embedded in a firm formal structure.

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systemic sprawl
curated by amanda church and courtney j. martin

louis cameron
guillermo creus
erick johnson
tricia keightley
rachel urkowitz

june 15 to july 21, 2002
opening reception: friday, june 21, 2002, 7 – 9 pm

<i>Tract: systemic sprawl</i>

Curated by Amanda Church and Courtney J. Martin
June 15 - July 21, 2002
Opens June 15, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Group Exhibition

Winkleman Gallery, Group Exhibition, 2002

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