Art & Letters
featuring artwork by jonathan ames, dave eggers, susan minot, and will self
september 19 to october 13, 2003
opening reception: friday, september 19, 2003, 7 – 9 pm

plus ultra is extremely pleased to present art & letters, the first in an ongoing series of exhibitions of paintings and drawings by contemporary novelists, this time including work by jonathan ames, dave eggers, susan minot, and will self. invited to exhibit their visual artwork, each of these artists—better known for written word—continually draws or paints for reasons we’ll let them explain in words they chose.

jonathan ames
i’ve been happily doodling my whole life. mostly what i doodle are tormented looking fellows. for this show my piece, thanks to its title, is rather self-explanatory: “my doodles during my phone therapy with dr. p. (june/july 2003).”

dr. p. is located in new jersey and i’ve been talking to him for a few years now and i very much like our conversations. they’ve been a great help. one thing about doodling/drawing that i used to think about was this: charles schulz said that when he drew his characters he tried to feel what they were feeling, and that this would translate through his pen. i think that’s what he said. i always liked that idea and i used to apply that to my doodles, and must do so subconsciously now, though i’m not so tormented, except maybe when i’m leeching my torment to dr. p. i also apply that charles schulz principle to writing; it’s akin, actually, to something hemingway said about depicting the feeling of an action . . . so those are two pretty good role models: ernest hemingway and charles schulz.

dave eggers
dave eggers is the editor of mcsweeney’s and the author of two books. he studied drawing and painting at the university of illinois and the art institute of chicago, but gave up at some point, for various reasons. for many years he’s been painting versions of oral surgery, and these paintings reflect the latest incarnation of the series. his design work has been featured in many books and annuals, and is currently on view in the smithsonian’s design triennial. he’s written about art for parkett, frieze and other magazines.

susan minot
susan minot has been painting watercolors all along, though the great part of it when travelling. using small notebooks the size of cigarette packs which have grown to postcard and notebook size, she keeps a record of pretty much what appears in front of her: an island in the fog, the montana road through the car windshield, a hotel radiator in omaha, the slip drying in an african doorway, the new york desk in front of her. she paints as a kind of meditaion. during grueling periods of writing, she would frankly rather be painting.

will self
i took up cartooning in my teens because i very much wanted to write seriously but knew fine well that i had nothing much to say beyond a series of gag-like conceits. cartooning gave me the ability to express these in my crudely amateurish way, and although i did eventually teach myself the rudiments of perspective it was already too late, because the captions were getting longer and longer while the drawings were becoming sketchier and sketchier. eventually i abandoned the drawings altogether and began writing books.

latterly i’ve been involved in some strange public art projects involving ‘action writing’ – for want of a better term. i have written a novella live in a gallery, and a long short story live in abandoned tower block on a rough liverpool housing project. i have also created a giant newspaper ’l’ennui’, full of kafkaesque articles about nothing. why do i do these things i’m sorry? i have absolutely no idea at all.

for more information, contact joshua stern or ed winkleman at 718-387-3844 or visit us online at

art & letters
featuring artwork by jonathan ames, dave eggers, susan minot, and will self.
september 19 to october 13, 2003
opening reception: friday, september 19, 2003, 7 – 9 pm

<i>Art & Letters</i>

Jonathan Ames, Dave Eggers, Susan Minot, and Will Self
September 19 - October 13, 2003
Opens September 19, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Group Exhibition

Winkleman Gallery, Group Exhibition, 2003

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