plus ultra gallery is very pleased to present beggars & thieves, an exhibition by raleigh, nc, artist collective team lump. featuring new work by team lump artists michael salter, laura sharp wilson, lump lipshitz and gary smith, beggars & thieves highlights the talent, energy, and sheer audacity that has come to be associated with the ground-breaking programming at raleigh’s legendary showcase for emerging art, lump gallery/projects. along with works on paper by other team lump crew members, beggars & thieves includes a limited t-shirt, complimentary cigarettes and krispy kreme doughnuts (while they last).

working organically, team lump adapts to each new exhibition space, installing a mix of paintings, drawings, sculpture, wall drawings, and video to create an installation that offers a seemingly chaotic vision, but still offers access into individual works of surprising materials and poignant commentary. included in beggars & thieves are laura sharp wilson’s densely patterned paintings on japanese paper imbuing organic forms and decorative motifs with a sense of vitality, creating intense visual narratives that serve as the vehicle for her psychological musings. michael salter offers commanding, often-humorous digital drawings, a kinetic sculpture and a wall drawing as he continues his investigation into the impact of mass media, mass communication and brand identity on our ability to decipher meaning. taken from popular science fiction or simply made up, the stunningly detailed solid tin foil sculptures of heroes and creatures by gary smith capture the awe and wonder of the future. and lump lipshitz’s video “my long wet summer,” drawings, and paintings reemphasize the theme running through all team lump’s work: the desire to sort out and focus an infinitely chaotic flow of information…trying to read between the lines, when even the lines don’t make sense.

for information contact joshua a. stern or ed winkleman at 718-387-3844 /

team lump
beggars & theives
november 21 to december 22, 2003
opening reception: friday, december 22, 2003, 7 – 9 pm

Team Lump

Beggars & Theives
November 21 - December 22, 2003
Opens November 21, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Group Exhibition

Winkleman Gallery, Group Exhibition, 2003

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