plus ultra gallery is very pleased to present a solo exhibition by new york artist rosemarie fiore. in an amazing new series of ceramic table-top landscapes, fiore continues her exploration of technology, violence, and war as it relates to art-making through three-dimensional recreations of actual scenarios from the “roadrunner” cartoon series.

conceptually, this series examines the role of the creative trickster, a long-running theme in fiore’s performances, videos, and works on paper. contrary to what always happened in the cartoon, for which the writers followed strict rules (including that the roadrunner must be “good” and not actively harm the coyote, as much as simply undo the coyote’s creativity with a simple act of “dumb luck”), in fiore’s landscapes what nearly everyone who ever watched the series wanted actually happens: the coyote finally succeeds.

drawn to the subject by the wildly creative weapons the coyote developed in each episode, which fiore had first recreated in papier mache, she expanded her project to include entire landscapes after attending a residency in new mexio that had a ceramics kiln available. attracted by both the colors and textures of the new mexico desert and the callenge of realizing two-dimensional narratives in three-dimensional sculptures, fiore presents this series of ceramic tableaus that—unlike their benignly decorative, almost peaceful italian or french precedents—reveal gruesome ends to the coyote’s creative endeavors. fiore also presents a series of drawings on acetate (referencing cartoon cells), each one capturing the moment at which the roadrunner is exploding into hundreds of pieces. with bits of cacti or desert brush, as well as roadrunner purple body parts, flying in all directions, these works suggest unused cells collected from the cartoon studio’s cutting room floor, revealing, perhaps, an unrealized desire on the part of the series’ original creators.

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rosemarie fiore
january 9 to february 9, 2004
opening reception: friday, january 9, 2004, 7 – 9 pm

Rosemarie Fiore

January 9 - February 9, 2004
Opens January 9, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM



Rosemarie Fiore, Roadrunner, 2004

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