plus ultra gallery is very pleased to present “the shadow of doubt,” our second solo exhibition by nashville-based artist jeff hand. with three major new pieces and a collection of hilarious new drawings, hand continues his humorously irreverent deconstruction of 20th century art movements and examines the lingering assumptions about art making and art history we may still be too involved with to recognize fully.

from the dadaists to the pop artists, the abstract expressionists to the conceptualists, hand explores their range of overlapping concerns and suggests through brilliant juxtapositions that they left behind a surprising array of unanswered questions with regards to authorship, ownership, the division between high art and low art, and what it is that makes someone an artist. central to this exploration is hand’s signature utilization of nontraditional media in his stunning reproductions of seminal works of art. skewering dekooning, warhol, oppenheim, and duchamp, among others, hand suggests that despite the explosion of ideas the last century bore witness to, contemporary artists’ desire/ability to synthesize it all remains its greatest legacy. for more information about contact joshua a. stern or ed winkleman at 718-387-3844 or

jeff hand
the shadow of doubt
march 25 – april 25, 2005
opening: friday, march 25, 7-9 PM

Jeff Hand

The Shadow of Doubt
March 25 - April 25, 2005
Opens March 25, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


The Shadow of Doubt

Jeff Hand, The Shadow of Doubt, 2005

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