‘where the future throws a shadow over the land’

The new prints by Simon Lee for Eve Sussman and Rufus Corporation’s film noir White on White, exemplify the idea of ‘archival footage from the future’. The photographs in this series contain motion, a sense of time speeding by, as the future – implied through a contradictory metaphor of darkness as the past blows out to white – throws a shadow over the land.

Eve Sussman and Rufus Corporation: Photos for "White on White"

Women in Field (Still for White on White)

Women in Field (Still for White on White), 2009

Pylon (Photos for "White on White")

Pylon (Photos for "White on White"), 2009

Fence (Photos for "White on White")

Fence (Photos for "White on White"), 2009

Cows (Photos for "White on White")

Cows (Photos for "White on White"), 2009

Pond (Photos for "White on White")

Pond (Photos for "White on White"), 2009

Carousel (Photos for "White on White")

Carousel (Photos for "White on White"), 2009

Orange Factory (Photos for "White on White")

Orange Factory (Photos for "White on White"), 2009

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