Sarah Peters

Black and white also conjures the past in Sarah Peters pen and pencil drawings at Winkleman Gallery. The show, called “Being American,” reflects on early American art, when there was no academy to either nurture the natural talents or cull the amateurs. Consequently, egalitarian efforts ensued, marking our national conscious. While lacking in finesse, there was abundant earnestness and innovation. In paying homage to those nascent efforts, Peters recognizes their limitations as the key to their directness, which she further distills.

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, Chelsea Now, July 2007

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Sarah Peters (2010)

Sarah Peters (2007)

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Jarrett Moran, "Sarah Peters: Idealists and Founders," Artlog, 10/04/10

Sarah Peters

Mayflower Series

Mayflower Series

Descendants & Believers Series

Descendants & Believers Series

David Koresh

David Koresh, 2008

The Hulk

The Hulk, 2008

Portrait 6

Portrait 6, 2008

Portrait 4

Portrait 4, 2008

Portrait 3

Portrait 3, 2008

Portrait 5

Portrait 5, 2008

Portrait 9

Portrait 9, 2008

Portrait 10

Portrait 10, 2008

Dreamer 2007

Dreamer 2007, 2007

Self Portrait as William Rush

Self Portrait as William Rush, 2007


Sleeping, 2007


Awakening, 2005

Untitled (Seer)

Untitled (Seer), 2005


Séance, 2005

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