“The tension between contemplation and participation underlies the work of the Moscow-born and New York-based Yevgeniy Fiks, who addresses the history and current cultural status of Soviet Communism in his paintings, photographs, and conceptual works.”

Olga Kopenkina, Modern Painters, May 2008

Artist’s Website

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Yevgeniy Fiks (2013)

Corporations Are People Too (2012)

Yevgeniy Fiks (2010)

Things Fall Apart (2009)

Yevgeniy Fiks (2008)


Yevgeniy Fiks "Lenin for Your Library?"

Yevgeniy Fiks, "Communist Guide to New York City"

"Moscow: Yevgeniy Fiks", 2013

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Olga Kopenkina, Modern Painters Page 2, May 2008

Olga Kopenkina, Modern Painters Page 3, May 2008

Olga Kopenkina, Modern Painters Page 1, May 2008

Yevgeniy Fiks

Joe-1 Cruising in Washington, DC

Joe-1 Cruising in Washington, DC

Stalin's Atom Bomb a.k.a. Homosexuality

Stalin's Atom Bomb a.k.a. Homosexuality

Communist Tour of MoMA

Communist Tour of MoMA

Ayn Rand in Illustrations

Ayn Rand in Illustrations

Communist Party USA Series

Communist Party USA Series

Songs of Russia Series

Songs of Russia Series

Lenin for Your Library?

Lenin for Your Library?

The Security Risk Map of Manhattan

The Security Risk Map of Manhattan, 2012

Adopt Lenin (installation view)

Adopt Lenin (installation view), 2009

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