Dalton’s installation of 436 snapshots catalogs every photograph of an artists appearing in “The New Yorker from 1999 to 2001. Categorized according to discipline, gender, and style of portrayal (on a scale ranging from “genius” to “pinup”), each artist’s image forms part of a bar graph lining three of the gallery’s walls.

Available in groups of 10. Edition of 6.

Jennifer Dalton: What Does An Artist Look Like?, 2002

m-090 James Brown

m-090 James Brown, 2002

m-069 The Beatles

m-069 The Beatles, 2002

m-039 Duke Ellington

m-039 Duke Ellington, 2002

m-015 Bob Dylan

m-015 Bob Dylan, 2002

m-028 Louis Armstrong

m-028 Louis Armstrong, 2002

m-020 Miles Davis

m-020 Miles Davis, 2002

m-016 Bill Evans

m-016 Bill Evans, 2002

m-093 Laura Cantrell

m-093 Laura Cantrell, 2002

m-109 Sarah Vaughn

m-109 Sarah Vaughn, 2002

m-027 Django Reinhart

m-027 Django Reinhart, 2002

va-013 Smiths

va-013 Smiths, 2002

va-010 Hamilton

va-010 Hamilton, 2002

va-008 Cindy Sherman

va-008 Cindy Sherman, 2002

va-014 Goldsworthy

va-014 Goldsworthy, 2002

va-004 Liberman

va-004 Liberman, 2002

va-009 Cole

va-009 Cole, 2002

va-015 Bonde

va-015 Bonde, 2002

va-012 Gursky

va-012 Gursky, 2002

va-011 Neshat

va-011 Neshat, 2002

va-007 John Coffer

va-007 John Coffer, 2002

va-006 Balthus

va-006 Balthus, 2002

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